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Plancess Chemistry for CBSE, NEET& JEE Mains

Plancess study material , yes they are great. I used these books for chemistry ,physics and mathematics and they were great. Remember, You could study from thousands of books, but you should learn to think for yourself. JEE mains or Adv. is not difficult, because I have been there. The questions are also not difficult, but have a different approach. You must have clear concepts and Plancess material help me to understand each and every concept.

Plancess is a good option for JEE preparation. Concepts are explained in detail and easy to follow. They also have separate videos for only practice questions/illustrations. You can carry out the calculation for the practice question and then cross check it with their solution. I enjoy watching these videos. They are good!

Plancess Chemistry for CBSE Class 12th, NEET& JEE Main PDF
Plancess Chemistry for CBSE Class 12th, NEET& JEE Main PDF

Plancess is like the magic stick, not like normal but magic stick just have to said magic word “Plancess help me in bit-sat” and booooooooom your preparation is well improved.

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Electro Chemistry

Click Here


Chemical Kinetics

Click Here


Solid States

Click Here


Solutions And Colligative Properties

Click Here


Surface Chemistry

Click Here


Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Click Here


Aldehydes and ketones

Click Here


Carboxylic Acid and derivatives

Click Here


Amines and Aromatic Compound of  Containing Nitrogen

Click Here


Biomolecules and polymers

Click Here


Practical Organic chemistry

Click Here


Co-Ordination Compounds

Click Here


Extractive Metallurgy

Click Here


Qualiltative analysis

Click Here


D and F blocks Elements

Click Here


Chemistry in Everyday life

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