Arihant: Handbook for Chemistry For JEE &NEET

 Handbook for Chemistry  by Arihant Pub.

Handbook means reference book listing brief facts on a subject. So, to facilitate the students in this we have released this Handbook of Chemistry this book has been prepared to serve the special purpose of the students, to rectify any query or any concern point of a particular subject.

 This book will be of highly use whether students are looking for a quick revision before the board exams or just before other examinations like Engineering Entrances, Medical Entrances or any similar examination, they will find that this handbook will answer their needs admirably. This handbook can even be used for revision of a subject in the time between two shift of the exams, even this handbook can be used while travelling to Examination Centre or whenever you have time, less sufficient or more. 

The objectives of publishing this handbook are : — To support students in their revision of a subject just before an examination. However, we have put our best efforts in preparing this book, but if any error or what so ever has been skipped out, we will by heart welcome your suggestions. A part from all those who helped in the compilation of this book a special note of thanks goes to Ms. Shivani of Arihant Publications. — To provide a focus to students to clear up their doubts about particular concepts which were not clear to them earlier. The format of this handbook has been developed particularly so that it can be carried around by the students conveniently. 

Features of this book

Highly useful for Class XI& XII Students , Engineering& Medical Entrances and other Competitions.

Download Link Of Handbook   For JEE& NEET

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