Best Books for IIT JEE& NEET

 Best Books for IIT JEE& NEET 

Today we’re gonna talk about Best chemistry book for JEE/NEET, BEST BOOKS FOR PHYSICS JEE. That one must read to get a sure selection in NEET/JEE. so, read the full post because i would not only tell you about the books that you need to read for JEE/NEET but also tell you How to Read this books so that you complete it on time.
We all know that NTA conducted NEET 2019 and the paper was somewhere easy to moderate level. Much Emphasis was on NCERT and the Questions where asked mostly from NCERT and some questions demanded good understanding of the concept. So, How do we Build Concept ? Yes…Of Course
1. By Reading the Theory
2. By Practicing Lots and Lots of MCQs
Its not possible to read a lot of reference books besides NCERT. So, here our job becomes more difficult. We need to go with the appropriate set of Books which does not carry unnecessary data. We need to find correct set of study material. So we get ample amount of time to not only complete the NCERT in double-digit of course but also complete the entire set of books with revision before NEET/JEE Exam. Trust me guys this entire set of Books in itself will help you to score 600+ but only when you complete it thoroughly with Revision. Now firstly comes to NCERT.
Especially for biology and chemistry NCERT is the Bob book. Read and Read and Read and Read as many times as you can. In biology you can score around 300 to 330 just from NCERT. If we were thorough with each and every line, every single example, Every single diagram then you guys you can hit this Score. In Chemistry also Everything is coming from NCERT. Only in 2019 a lot of questions were directly asked from NCERT. For example there was the question of Coordination compound which directly came from the examples mentioned in NCERT. Not only this but 90% of the Questions were directly from NCERT Only. So, Your first Aim before reading any other book should be to complete the NCERT.
Once you have built your concept from NCERT and a Thorough with theory now comes the times to Sharpen the Edge by Practicing Lots and lots of Excuse. I will suggest you guy’s too go with MTG’s NCERT at Your Fingertips for All Subject’s.

2. MTG  Fingertips

This Book is Really very helpful in NEET/AIMS and JEE preparation. It Comes with
Practice Theory for all the chapters
Snapshot for every chapter
Lots of things extra that you need to know from outside the NCERT.
HD pages with Appealing diagram.
In Physics all the extracted formula from that particular chapter.
Quick Revision
Six Practice papers
Every chapter carries 100 NCERT Exemplar MCQs
Best book for chemistry JEE advance
MTG Fingertips
MTG Fingertips

To Get Free MTG’s NCERT at Your Fingertips comment below or Email me at [email protected]

More important from the entrance point of view contains on and average around 130 to 150 MCQs not only this but you’ll also find high order thinking questions in each chapter which will prepare you for the difficult questions in the entrance exam. As well it also has recent question which will help you for AIMS preparation plus you also get NCERT Example based questions in each chapter in this book which is like cherry on the top of the cake. Detailed solutions to all the questions have been given for each chapter.

It also has six Practice papers to check your grip on the subject and at the end it has few HD Pages explaining some extra topics with Appealing Diagram. I have followed this book at the time of my preparation. I am telling you with my experience this is ideal book for practicing MCQs.

3. Previous Question Papers

You need to have one set of books for practicing previous Questions for this you can choose any book MTG, Arahant, Disha which will ever you like. Don’t buy 31 years Previous papers book because now pattern has changed a lot. So, There’s no point in Practicing so much of previous papers. 15 year’s will be sufficient or max 20 years Previous papers.

If you have any Personal query you can tell me in comment section or email me at @[email protected] I will try to resolve your doubts to be earliest.

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