Wiley’s Decoding Mathematics For JEE Main & Advanced

Wiley’s Decoding Mathematics For JEE( Joint Entrance Examinations) By A.K. Pandey, Fundamentals of Mathematics, volume – II (as per class 12 syllabus) offers a compelling solution for all CBSE Students preparing for JEE and other engineering entrance examinations. Content has been organized to provide a more structured approach to meet the requirements of both JEE and CBSE syllabus. The book offers a multidimensional approach to the subject through a clear and engaging explanation of concepts aided with interesting colored figures.

Also, the book deals with an application-based approach through qualitative problem sets. This book empowers students’ concept building and enhances critical thinking skills in Mathematics and its fundamentals.

Wileys Decoding Mathematics For JEE A K Pandey PDF Download
Wiley’s Decoding Mathematics For JEE By A K Pandey

About Author
A. K. Pandey is a Senior Faculty who trains a number of students aspiring for JEE (Main & Advanced) exams. He has been a successful trainer in Mathematics for the last about 16 years who has helped many JEE aspirants in making their Engineering ambitions.


Wiley’s Decoding Mathematics For JEE Main & Advanced Latest Edition



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