Importance of Mental Health While Preparing for Exams

Mental Health while preparing for exams is one of the most significant “missed topics”. Between hectic study hours, coaching, understanding challenging concepts, meeting deadlines, finishing assignments, and keeping up with expectations from family and loved ones can be an unending task that can overwhelm you.


PW Corner Importance of Mental Health While Preparing for Exams
PW Corner Importance of Mental Health While Preparing for Exams


But please remember, take care of yourself first, then everyone else.

Here are some tips:


Unable to understand a topic – The more you stress about a topic, the less it will make sense. Take a break, watch something funny, listen to music, Clear your mind, then get back to it.

Afraid of handling a new environment – Sometimes, new environments can be unnerving. At these times, one simple rule. One step in front of the other. The rest works out.

Backlog stress – Everyone gets backlogs. The idea is to breathe deeply every time you start work. A sculpture is made only by chipping away small blocks. The “tough” will get going.

Self Doubt – We’ll let you in on a little secret. Nobody is as confident as they look. They all have self-doubt. It is 100% normal. You are doing good. Don’t worry. Keep going!

Feeling Pressured – While society loves to put pressure on you, know that they have ZERO influence. You do things at your own pace. Kuch to log kahenge. Logon ka kaam hai kehna.

Lack of awareness of Mental Health is one of the biggest reasons that students in India contemplate extreme coping methods. Nothing else in life is more important than you. If you feel overwhelmed, please contact your nearest PW Center to assist you with whatever you need! We are here to help!

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