Lakshya Batch Best Formula Sheet Chapter-Wise

 Lakshya Batch Formula Sheet Chapter-Wise

As we all Alakh Pandey Sir (Physicswallah) launches Lakshya Batch for CBSE Class XII + JEE MAINS+ NEET, Complete Physics Of Class 12 for Boards& JEE MAINS &NEET too Only at ₹999 for whole Year. Lakshya Batch Targeting 95% in Boards & Selection In JEE MAINS & NEET in 2021, Physicswallah will teach teaching live , for first time ever.
Live Classes and recorded Video Lectures New, different from those on YouTube PDF Notes of each class.
DPP(Daily Practice Problems) with each class having 10 questions based on the class of JEE Mains/NEET level.
Syllabus Completion by end of January, 2021 with topic-wise discussion of Last 10 Years Problems in Boards, JEE Mains/NEET within Lecture. Lakshya  Formul Sheet Competition

Download Lakshya Batch Best Formula Sheet Chapter-Wise pdf

Chapter Name

Download Links

1.       Electric Charges and fields

Click Here 

2.       Electrostatic potential & capacitance

Sheet 01     Click Here

Sheet 02     Click Here

3.       Current Electricity

Sheet 01     Click Here

Sheet 02     Click Here

4.       Moving Charges and Magnetism

Sheet 01     Click Here

Sheet 02     Click Here

5.       Magnetism And Matter

Sheet 01     Click Here

Sheet 02     Click Here



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