March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry Reactions, Mech

March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure 8th Edition By Michael B. Smith(Wiley) explain the theories of organic chemistry with examples and reactions. This book is the most comprehensive resource about organic chemistry available. Readers are guided on the planning and execution of multi-step synthetic reactions, with detailed descriptions of all the reactions.

March's Advanced Organic Chemistry Reactions
March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry Reactions

This Book deals with the structure of organic compounds and discusses important organic chemistry bonds, fundamental principles of conformation, the stereochemistry of organic molecules, and reactive intermediates in organic chemistry. Further coverage concerns general principles of mechanism in organic chemistry, including acids and bases, photochemistry, sonochemistry, and microwave irradiation. The relationship between structure and reactivity is also covered. The final chapters cover the nature and scope of organic reactions and their mechanisms.


March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure Latest Edition



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