NEET 2020 update: NTA Publishes detailed protocol For conducting Exams During Pandamic

Due to the arrival of the candidates together, they will receive a staggered time slot to present themselves to avoid congestion at the entrance to the examination centre. All staff and candidates at the entry point for fever will be checked with a thermo pistol.

Since it is preparing to conduct neet exam in September, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has created a detailed protocol on conducting the exercise in which around 15 Lakh students can participate in following safety and social dissing standards.

Due to the candidates coming together, they will be given a staggered time slot for the report to avoid congestion at the entrance of the examination Centre. All staff members and candidates check with Thermo pistol at the entry point for fever. In the event that any staff member and candidate is seen to have symptoms of a higher or suspicious COVID-19 than normal temperature, they will be placed in a separate isolation room.

Applicants will only be allowed to wear:

1. Mask on face

2. Gloves at your fingertips

3. Personal Transparent Water Bottle

4. Small individual hand sanitizer (50 ml)

5. Exam Documents Mentioned (Admit Card, ID Card etc.)

Candidate Frisking

1. The metal detector with a long handle will be required to search all the candidates.

2. The search staff will ensure that a candidate does not come in physical contact while searching for a metal detector.

3. The presence of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals inside the examination rooms and examination centres will be checked.

Scrutiny of documents (Documents Verification)

1. The registration room or room should have a table of about 3 feet wide. The candidate will post the document so that the examination officer is posted without touching the document.

2. Hand appearance (wearing gloves) with signature will be taken. No thumb print will be taken.

3.The practice of physical movement of supervisors inside the room will be reduced.

4. The practice of water dispenser will be discontinued. Individual water bottles will be allowed on the table and must be brought by the candidate.

5. The NTA guidelines said that gloves and masks should be placed in a pedal-covered tray at the examination centre and outside the examination room itself.

According to a government official, the chance had reached out to the NTA high-level health professionals in hopes of leaving nothing, who guided it through the most difficult task.

Dr. GC Khilnani, former head of pulmonary medicine at AIIMS, Delhi, dr. Arvind Kumar, head of chest surgery and Dr. Ashok Kumar Jatiyal, professor of physiology, are among the best renowned health professional experts NTA has relied on a comprehensive plan to keep all students and staff safe. The official said.

NTA has also developed a detailed protocol to ensure that reviews ‘Contactless’ The manner is conducted and the social distance is followed.

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