NEET Biology Q Bank [PDF]

NCERT Based Biology Questin-Bank For NEET Best Book For NEET Aspirants Completely Nichod Of NCERT In this Book, NTA was established to increase the importance of the NCERT textbooks in the National level entrance examinations, simultaneously in UPSC exams, State PSC’s exams, CSIR NET – JRF, GATE and in all other important competitive exams related to biology, paper drafting is now more NCERT oriented to decrease the role of the coaching institutes. We can absolutely claim that in the coming few years, NCERT is going to become tantamount to Paramount and every exam in India will be NCERT based, both at the state and national level. we ensure to make the aspirants fly with the current direction of AIR to ensure their better AIR. We are incessantly working to simplify the content for the students as much as possible and to fulfil this purpose we have developed a series of extraordinarily amazing products whose invincibility is unquestionable. After launching our one of the finest product ‘NCERT Nichod’ which is the complete consolidation of NCERT Biology textbooks of 11th and 12th class in just 168 pages, we found an extreme demand of a good objective type question book. To meet up the demand of high expectations of ‘NCERT Nichod’ readers, our team of more than 20 members have worked for a year to ensure the best book with amazing questions for the students and finally, we had come up with ‘NCERT Nichod Q-Bank’.

NEET Biology question bank pdf download
NCERT Question Bank For NEET

In this book, questions are not collected with the random books but are connected with the lines of NCERT. This Q-Bank has highly effective and amazingly designed errorless objective-type questions to ensure multiple revisions for maximum retention which is key to success for cracking any exam. Our products are always based on our concept that “your rank or selection is directly proportional to the number of revisions but inversely proportional to the number of resources utilized”. ‘NCERT Nichod Q-Bank’ of Biology is a self-sufficient book and its questions have been designed from the lines of NCERT to ensure multiple revisions.


NEET Biology Question Bank Pdf download



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