NTSE (SAT) Social Science Chapter-wise Revision Notes

NTSE (SAT) 2022-23 Social Science Chapter-wise Revision Notes, MCQs& Assertion Reason Based Questions With Detailed Solutions, Based on Latest Pattern Social Science(History Geography, Economics, and Democratic Politics) Complete Chapters Revision Notes MCQs& A/R Based Questions.

NTSE (SAT)  Social Science Chapterwise Revision Notes, MCQs& A/R Based Questions With Detailed Solutions
NTSE (SAT) Social Science Chapterwise Revision Notes, MCQs& A/R Based Questions With Detailed Solutions

This section is generally new to the students as it does not have any form or is part of any Board syllabus. So, It becomes very important for every student to dedicate more and more time to this section because it will help students in scoring Good Marks in exams.


  1. Importance of Democracy in the Contemporary World

2. Constitutional Design And Working

3. Electoral Politics

4. Power Sharing and Federalism

5. Gender Religion & Caste

6. Popular Struggles and Movements

7. Diversity and Democratic Rights

8. Outcomes and Challenges of Democracy

  • Economics:

1. The Economic Story of Palampur

2. Poverty and Food Security in India

3. People as Resource and Development

4. Indian Economy and Globalization

5. Money, Credit, and Consumer Rights


1. Location and Physical Features of India

2. Drainage And Water Resources

3. Natural Vegetation, Forests, and Wildlife Resources

4. Climate

5. Agriculture

6. Resources, Minerals, and Development

7. Manufacturing Industries

8. Life Lines of National Economy

9. Population


1. Revolutions in Europe

2. Rise of Nationalism

3. The Nationalist Movement in South-East Asia

4. Forestry and Agriculture

5. Pastoralists in the Modern World

6. Making of a Global World

7. Industrialization and Urbanization

8. History of Cricket & Clothing

9. Rise of Print Culture and Novels

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