NCERT BASED TEST SERIES FOR NEET NCERT BASED TEST SERIES (NBTS) For NEET Entrance Examination NBTS (NCERT Booster Test Series) is the test series that is made on the Edge of NEET Exam and totally based on NCERT This gives us a good feeling about how the exams come and manage our time according to Correct pattern,… Read More »

Trigonometry Booster For JEE Main & Advanced

Trigonometry Booster With Problems & Solutions For JEE Main & Advanced, Trigonometry Booster for JEE Main and Advanced has been conceptualised and produced for aspirants of various engineering entrance examinations. It renders complex concepts and problems of Trigonometry easy for the students and provides them as many opportunities for guided practice as needed. It covers… Read More »

Bridge For Course JEE Main & Advanced [PDF]

Bridge Course For IIT JEE Main & Advanced Important Question Level-Wise Basic to Advanced Level JEE Main(AIEEE) Most Relevant Previous Years Question’s Included As well as JEE Advanced Questions, These Sheet’s Really Helps you to improve your score in Upcoming JEE Main Attempts, Allen Career Institute Best Coaching Institute of India for NEET-UG, JEE Main,… Read More »

Pearson Mathematics for JEE Advanced pdf

This is the first book of JEE Advanced Mathematics series. The book is enriched with the detailed exhaustive theory that introduces the concepts of Mathematics in a clear, concise, thorough and easy-to-understand language. A large collection of relevant problems is provided in eight major categories (including an updated archive for JEE Advanced and JEE Main),… Read More »

Arihant Mathematics Handbook

Handbook means reference book listing brief facts on a subject. So, to facilitate the students in this we have released this Handbook of Chemistry this book has been prepared to serve the special purpose of the students, to rectify any query or any concern point of a particular subject.    This book will be highly… Read More »

Differential Calculus Booster Pdf

Rejaul Makshud did his Post-Graduation in Pure Mathematics from Calcutta University. He currently serves as a HOD in Mathematics in one of the IIT-JEE prominent coaching institutes “RACE IIT- Academy”, Jamshedpur. He has teaching experience of fifteen years for IIT-JEE aspirants, Differential Calculus Booster for IIT-JEE Main and Advanced has been conceptualised and produced for… Read More »