[PDF] Dr. K. Singh Problems in Organic Chemistry& WILEY’s Organic Chemistry For JEE Mains& Advanced

[PDF] Dr. K. Singh Problems in Organic Chemistry& WILEY’s Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is understood by reading the textbook, listening to lectures and memorizing name reactions with reagents. But perhaps most importantly, it is learnt by doing, that is, solving problems. It is not uncommon for students who have performed below expectation in JEE to explain that they honestly thought they understood the text and lectures. The difficulty, however, lies in applying, generalizing, and extending the specific reactions and mechanisms they have “memorized” to the solution of a very broad array of related problems. In doing so, students will begin to “internalize” Organic Chemistry to develop an intuitive feel for, and appreciation of, the underlying logic of the subject. Acquiring that level of skill requires but goes far beyond rote learning. It is the ultimate process by which one learns to manipulate the myriad of reactions and, in time, gains a predictive power that will facilitate solving new problems.
Mastering Organic Chemistry is challenging. It demands memorization, but then requires application of those facts to solve real problems. It features a highly logical structural hierarchy and builds upon a cumulative learning process. The
requisite investment in time and effort, however, can lead to the development of a sense of self-confidence in the subject, an intellectually satisfying experience, indeed.

Many excellent textbooks are available to explain the theory of Organic Chemistry; all provide extensive exercises.
Better performing students, however, consistently ask for additional exercises. It is the purpose of this book, then, to provide supplementary problems and their solutions that reinforce and extend those textbook exercises.

Wiley's Organic Chemistry Pdf Free download
Wiley’s Organic Chemistry

This book has reached its destination in five years; three years used in collection of problems chapter-wise and two years for correction/eliminating errors. I have designed this book in such a manner that it will be useful for JEE aspiring students. If you go through previous years’ JEE problems, you will fi nd that objective type questions have subjective nature, that is why it was decided to write an objective pattern book in a subjective way. The beauty of this book is in the solutions, which are at par with international level treatment. Each and every question has detailed solution with reaction sequence, bond cleavage and formation of products. The book has separate chapters for Substitution and Elimination reaction and Carbonyl alpha-Substitution and Carbonyl Condensation reactions, because JEE has always been framing
problems from these chapters.

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