[PDF] Modern Abc for Class 12 Part 1&2

 Modern ABC Chemistry for Class 12 (Part – I & II) Examination 2020-2021[PDF] 

We feel pleasure in bringing out our book modern ABC Chemistry for Class 12 (Part – I & II) – examination 2021-2022. The book has been thoroughly revised, Overhauled and prepared strictly according to the latest syllabus and guidelines laid down by C.B.S.E. The textual material of the book has been presented in a systematic and sequential manner, easily comprehensible by the learners to make it learner-friendly in addition to full coverage of the content, each Chapter of the book includes illustrative investigation (activity), solved NCERT Textbook exercises, solved NCERT Exemplar problems (selected) and additional exercises (with answers and hints for selected questions) for practice, summary (content revision) and project.
Class 12 modern ABC Chemistry pdf
Modern ABC Chemistry Class 12

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Modern ABC Chemistry Class 12 Part  1&2


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