Physics Galaxy Revision Booster Workshop For JEE&NEET

Physics Galaxy’s Revision Booster Workshop For JEE Main & NEET 2022-23 Aspirants Most Relevant topics/concepts to secure good marks in your jee & neet up comings examinations.

  1. This workshop consists of Livestream booster videos in which every stream contains hundreds of concepts used to derive new questions based on PYQs (DPYQ) (Derived Previous Year Question).
  2. This workshop is designed by Ashish Arora sir to stimulate the brain to achieve FULL/FULL in Physics if the syllabus is complete at the basic level.
  3. In very limited videos complete physics will be quickly covered by Ashish Sir through DPYQ concepts. The workshop schedule will be from 3 April 2022-to 10 April 2022.
Physics Galaxy DPYQs Revision Workshop for jee main & NEET
Physics Galaxy DPYQs Revision Workshop for JEE Main & NEET

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Workshop Schedule:

Revision Booster Workshop PhysicsGalaxy
Revision Booster Workshop Physics Galaxy Schedule 

Revision Workshop FAQs:

1. What is Revision Booster Workshop?
This is a series of 6 detailed workshop lectures to cover the complete Physics revision of JEE Main 2022.
2. Why it is called Workshop?
A workshop consists of a lecture with demonstrations. In these lectures, Ashish Arora Sir will be demonstrating hundreds of situations in every lecture on which questions can be framed for JEE Main 2022 that’s why it is named “Workshop”.

3. Where these Workshop lectures will be available?
Physics Galaxy Youtube Channel.
2. I am a registered user of the Physics Galaxy Website. Do I need to register for this workshop?

Workshop lectures which will stream on the Physics Galaxy Youtube channel will be available for all but there will be Two Extra Live Sessions (ELS) by Ashish Arora Sir on Physics in this workshop. To attend these extra live sessions, registration is necessary.


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