20+ Physics Best Questions For JEE Advanced

In this article, we are providing Physics 20+ Best Problems For JEE Advanced 2021-22 Best Problems For JEE Advanced JEE Main/ Advanced, Due to India’s prevailing Covid – 19 pandemic-related circumstances, the date of JEE (Advanced) 2021, stated in the Information Brochure, has been postponed. A new date will be announced in due course. As a consequence, the dates for registration, admission, counseling, etc., contained in this document may also be revised. The dates for various activities regarding JEE (Advanced) 2021 and AAT are presented in Annexure – IV of the Information Brochure; which shall be updated subsequently and the modified list of dates shall also be displayed on the website.

Ministry of Education, Government of India announces October 03, 2021, as the date of JEE (Advanced) 2021 examination.



Question – 01

Physics Best Questions For JEE Advanced

Question – 02

Question – 03

Question – 04

Question – 05

Question – 06

Question – 07

Question – 08

Question – 09

Question – 10

Question – 11

Question – 12

Question – 13

Question – 14

Question – 16

Question – 17

For normal adjustment, magnifying power of simple microscope will be maximum

(A) For a person with normal eye.

(B) For a person with long-sighted eye.

(C) For a person with short-sighted eye

(D) None of these


Question – 18

A wire, which passes through the hole in a small bead, is bent in the form of quarter of a circle. The wire is
fixed vertically on ground as shown in the figure. The bead is released from near the top of the wire and it slides along the wire without friction. As the bead moves from A to B, the force it applies on the wire is

Best Questions For JEE Advanced Physics
                        Question 18 Fig

(A) Always radially outwards
(B) Always radially inwards
(C) Radially outwards initially and radially inwards later

(D) Radially inwards initially and radially outwards later


Question – 19

A thin uniform annular disc (see figure) of mass M has an outer radius 4R and inner radius 3R. The work required
to take a unit mass from point P on its axis to infinity is

Physics Important Questions For JEE Advanced


Question – 20

White light is incident on a thin film of constant refractive index placed in a vacuum. The thickness of the film is gradually increased from zero. At the thickest, the wavelength of 4000Å is strongly visible in reflected light for the first time. When thickness is further increased by 0.05 μm wavelength of 6000Å is strongly visible for the first time at the same angle in reflected light. Value of will be:

(A) 0.4 μm

(B) 0.6 μm

(C) 0.1 μm

(D) 0.2 μm


Question – 21

For a transistor α = 0.99 then find value of emitter current in common emitter connection for same transistor if value of base current is 10 μA.

A) 1 mA

B) 2 mA

C) 3 mA

(D) 4 mA


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