PW: JEE Master Crash Course Complete Details

JEE Master’s Crash Course For JEE Main & Advanced Dropper or 12th Class Students aiming for JEE 2022 Complete course fees ₹1800/- the batch will be accessible to the students until JEE Advanced 2022. Students Targeting JEE Main & Advanced 2022 Can Join this Batch.

JEE Master Crash Course Complete Details
JEE Master Crash Course Complete Details

Course Includes 3 Stages:

a) Selection Master Course

b) Rank Master Course – PYQs after 1st Attempt (1st July- 20 July 2022)

c) Advance Master Course- JEE Advanced Practice ( 1st July – till JEE Advanced 2022)

  • Recorded Lectures

Selection Master Course:

1) All Concepts will be covered with 1000+ PYQs
2) 6 classes in a week per subject = TOTAL 18 CLASSES IN A WEEK
3) 2500+ Questions practice before 1 Attempt ( other than PYQs )
4) 8 Part Test + 2 Full Test
5) Start Date – 12 April – 18 June

After 1st attempt, students will be divided into 2 groups depending on their expected scores
1) Students scoring more than 200 marks, will be given access to the Advance Master Course
2) Students scoring less than 200 marks will be given access to Rank Master Course

Rank Master Course:
1) Rigorous Question Practice of JEE MAIN
2) 1000 + PYQS ( 750 Lecture Questions + 250 Dpps )
3) 5 JEE Pattern Test

Advance Master Course:
Students will be given a detailed plan once JEE Advance Date got announced, following teachers will be taking this course:

Neeraj Dubey Sir (OC)
Ashutosh Gupta Sir (PC)
Amitabh Sharma Sir (IOC)
Rajeev Rastogi Sir ( Maths )
Yug Sir ( Physics )

NOTE: All students scoring less than 200 marks will be getting access to the Advance Master Course after JEE’s second attempt

Class Schedules:

Day 9:00 – 11:00 AM 11:15 AM – 1:15 PM 1:45 – 3:45 PM
Monday Physics Chemistry Maths
Tuesday Physics Chemistry Maths
Wednesday Physics Chemistry Maths
Thursday Physics Chemistry Maths
Friday Physics Chemistry Maths
Saturday Physics Chemistry Maths

Dedicated faculties for solving doubts through best-in-class Doubt Engine


There is a strict No Refund Policy.

Please purchase our batches only on our app/web. We are not affiliated with any other channel claiming to sell our courses.

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