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So make mistakes but learn from them by trying new things that are essential for you and your studies. And what you have asked we have already done for you in PW’s new pocket courses where you can solve all your queries on priority with your favorite PW Stars. From chemistry bondings to physics motions, we are all set with the best tips and tricks for you.

During the course, you will have the opportunity to work on problems of all levels of difficulty. Read on to know how Physics Wallah Pocket Course can help you in the exam.

What is PW Pocket Course?

PW Pocket course is a micro-course by PhysicsWallah through which students can learn and excel the topic which is weak. This course is specially designed to boost your preparation level before appearing for your exams.

  • Designed by experts to help students score well in exams.
  • Topics are explained in-depth to understand the concept for success.
  • Best suited for students who are preparing for competitive exams like JEE or NEET, or board exams.

Key Highlights of PW Pocket course:

  1. Daily Live class on PW App with daily tasks assigned
  2. DPP ensuring complete coverage of concepts
  3. Questions + doubt resolution by experts teachers of PW

Why Choose a Physics Wallah Pocket Course?

Expert Faculty for NEET & JEEDetailed Discussion on all your weak topics Live FeedbacksDPP solution to ensure all the topics are covered Here are some

Physicswallah Pocket Course Complete Details Physicswallah Pocket Batch
Physicswallah Pocket Course Complete Details Physicswallah Pocket Batch

Key Course Highlights:

Eligibility: 11th & 12th Droppers

Starting Date: 1st February 2022

Course Highlights:

Within a set time frame, turn your weaker topics into a strength. Daily tasks will be assigned in a systematic live class. Daily Live Class will be followed by a DPP to make sure that all the concepts are covered. With questions and live feedback, asynchronous learning for your weaker sections from PW’s top teachers.

The academic details of the Pocket Course:

Pocket Courses & Teachers

Centre of Mass and Rotation by Rajwant Singh (10 Lectures)

Chemical Bonding by Amitabh Sharma (10 Lectures)

Reaction Mechanism by Navin Joshi (07 Lectures)

Complex Numbers by Sachin Jakhar (10 Lectures)

Molecular Basis of Inheritance by Archana Rathee (07 Lectures)

Biomolecules by Samapti Singh (07 Lectures)

Pocket Curse will start on 1st February 2022.

Now, what are you waiting for when no obstacle can stand between you and the pocket courses premier offer for all your solutions in just @11₹.

Explore it now:

TOPIC- “Center of Mass and Rotation”

Timing: 07:30PM-09:00PM

Subtopics are following-

  • Moment of Inertia,
  • Perpendicular axis theorem, Parallel axis theorem
  • Radius of gyration and miscellaneous problems
  • Definition and calculation of torque
  • Rotational Equilibrium
  • Newton’s Second law in Rotation
  • Toppling Couple
  • Kinematics and Dynamics of Rolling motion
  • Kinetics energy in rotational motion, Conservation of mechanical energy problem.
  • Calculation of Angular Momentum,
  • Conservation of angular Momentum

TOPIC- “Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure”

Timing: 04:00PM-05:30PM

Subtopics are following-

  • Introduction of bond
  • Overlapping and Lewis dot structure
  • Hybridization
  • VSEPR theory
  • Bent’s rule & Drago rule
  • Back bonding
  • Fajan’s rule- Part 1
  • Fajan’s rule- Part 2
  • MOT- Part 1
  • MOT- Part 2

TOPIC – “Reaction Mechanism”

Timing: 05:45PM-07:15PM

Subtopics are following-

  • Transition state and Intermediate
  • E-1  Reaction Mechanism
  • Mechanism of E-1
  • Rearrangement of carbocations
  • E-2  Reaction Mechanism
  • Mechanism of E-2
  • Stereochemistry of E-2
  • Hoffmann and Satzeff products
  • E-1cb Reaction and mechanism
  • Sn-1 & Sn2 Reactions Mechanism
  • Comparison of SN-1,2 E-1,2
  • Sni reactions Mechanism
  • Mixed Questions of all Reaction Mechanism and PYQ asked on Reaction Mechanism.

TOPIC – “Complex Numbers”

Timing: 07:30PM-09:00PM

Subtopics are following-

  • Powers of iota, Introduction to a complex number, algebra of complex no.
  • Modulus, Amplitude & Conjugate of Complex Number
  • Properties of Modulus, Amplitude & Argument
  • De Moivre’s Theorem
  • Nth root of unity
  • Cube root of unity
  • The geometry of Complex Number, Section formula, Distance formula
  • Concept of Rotation, Angle between Lines
  • Some Standard Locus
  • Equation of Locus, Straight Line & Circle

TOPIC- “Molecular Basis of Inheritance”

Timing: 04:00PM-05:30PM

Subtopics are following-

  • Introduction , Mendelism and Mendels crosses
  • Some practice problems, exceptions to Mendelism , chromosomal theory of inheritance
  • Multiple allelism, Pleoitropy, Polygenic inheritance, and related problems
  • Linkage and recombination
  • Mutations
  • Genetic disorders
  • Pedigree analysis

TOPIC- “Biomolecules”

Timing: 05:45PM-07:15PM

Subtopics are following-

  • Introduction and Carbohydrate Part 1
  • Carbohydrate Part 2
  • Proteins
  • Lipids and nucleic acid Part 1
  • Nucleic acid Part 2
  • Enzymes Part 1
  • Enzymes Part 2

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