Class XI Chemistry Assignment Download [PDF]

Physicswallah Class XI Chemistry Assignment For IIT JEE & NEET CBSE and Other Engineering & Medical Examination, All Chapters PDF Download.

In the Sky Scrapping fee of reputed institutes for providing coaching to aspirants of Medical and Engineering entrance exams, Alakh Pandey aka Physicswallah aims to provide quality content to all the aspiring medicos and techies for free of cost or minimal cost. Physicswallah believes that “Money should not be the obstacle in the path of achieving one’s dream .”

Physicswallah Class 11 Chemistry  Assignment PDF Download
Physicswallah Class 11 Chemistry Assignment For IIT JEE&NEET

Alakh Pandey has been paving the way for millions of students through his YouTube Channel and Physicswallah App/Website on which he provides lectures on Physics and Chemistry for Board Exams, NEET, JEE Mains, and Advanced level.    Physicswallah Alakh-Pandey Chemistry Class XI


Physicswallah Alakh-Pandey Class XI Chemistry Assignment Notes PDF Download: NOTE: Answers to assignments are given at the end of each assignment with complete solutions.


Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Structure of Atom

Classification of Elements and periodicity in properties

Chemical Bonding and Molecular structure

States of Matter



INOIC – Equilibrium 

Redox Reactions




General Organic Chemistry(GOC)  


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