Trigonometry Booster For JEE Main & Advanced

Trigonometry Booster With Problems & Solutions For JEE Main & Advanced, Trigonometry Booster for JEE Main and Advanced has been conceptualized and produced for aspirants of various engineering entrance examinations. It renders complex concepts and problems of Trigonometry easy for the students and provides them as many opportunities for guided practice as needed.

It covers all topics and is imbued with a strong conceptual approach, with the relevant theory being followed by plenty of solved exercise questions, graded LODs, and past years’ papers.


Trigonometry Booster For JEE Main & Advanced Pdf
Trigonometry Booster For JEE Main & Advanced

The various levels of difficulties have numerous MCQs, integer type questions, comprehensive link passage questions, and matrix match questions for ample practice and thorough understanding. Step-by-step guidance in problem-solving and alternative methods of approaching a problem.


Trigonometry Booster For JEE Main & Advanced (Latest Edition)





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