Wiley Inorganic Chemistry For JEE Main

Wiley’s Inorganic Chemistry For JEE Main Problem Book, This book is a compilation of over 2500 fully solved questions and is specifically designed to cater for the needs of a JEE aspirant. The problems are categorized chapter-wise and further divided into sub-topics to offer the maximum practice of all the concepts. The problems are placed in a flow to induce a gradual elevation of the understanding level of a student. The book also offers subjective problems for the highly conceptual chapters to ensure the development of the problem-solving aptitude among the students. This book is designed as a must – have for the practice of Inorganic Chemistry for students targeting a high score in the JEE Main and Advance examination.

Wiley Inorganic Chemistry For JEE Main
Wiley Inorganic Chemistry For JEE Main


Navneet Bansal has done his engineering in Bio-Technology from the University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chandigarh. He is a renowned faculty of Inorganic Chemistry and has been guiding IIT aspirants for more than a decade. He has mentored thousands of students to achieve their goals, many of them are even top IIT rankers. He has tutored in top institutes spread across various geographical locations In India. Some of them being Chandigarh, Kurukshetra, Patna, Kota etc.


Wiley’s Inorganic Chemistry For JEE Main & Advanced Latest Edition



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