ONE SHOT REVISION: Mathematics JEE Main & Advanced Quick Revision PDF

 Mathematics JEE Main& Advanced Quick Revision Rank Booster PDF

It is very important to make notes because in the last few days of the exam you cannot read the entire JEE Books. Try to read your notes as often as possible. Don’t create detailed notes instead of doing so Try adding memory maps to your notes because they’re easy to understand.

Candidates can also add some questions to their notes. Never copy things from reference books and try to write on your own. Pay more attention to understanding concepts and then make notes based on their understanding. Hope You Like it!

ONE SHOT REVISION Mathematics JEE Main & Advanced
ONE SHOT REVISION Mathematics JEE Main & Advanced

Key Features:

1. All Depth Concepts are Covered With Examples 🙂 Which is Very Useful
2. High Quality PDF Format Everything is Clearly Visible.
3. Lastest Notes For JEE Mains & Advanced 2020-21


1. Complex Number
 2. Theory of Equation (Quadratic Equation)
 3. Sequence & Progression(AP, GP, HP, AGP, Spl. Series) 
4. Permutation & Combination 
5. Determinant 
6. Matrices
 7. Logarithm and their properties
 8. Probability 
9. Function 
10 Inverse Trigonometric Functions 
11. Limit and Continuity & Differentiability of Function
 12. Differentiation & L’ hospital Rule 
13. Application of Derivative (AOD)
14. Integration (efinite & Indefinite) 
15. Area under curve (AUC) 
16. Differential Equation 
17. Straight Lines & Pair of Straight Lines
 18. Circle 
19. Conic Section (Parabola 30, Ellipse 32, Hyperbola 33) 
20. Binomial Theorem and Logarithmic Series
 21. Vector & 3-D
 22. Trigonometry-1 (Compound Angle)
 23. Trigonometry-2 (Trigonometric Equations & Inequations)
 24. Trigonometry-3 (Solutions of Triangle)
 25. Syllbus IITJEE Physics, Chemistry, Maths & B.Arch 
26. Suggested Books for IITJEE
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