[PDF] Modern ABC Biology Class 12 Part 1 & 2

Modern ABC Biology Class 12 Part 1&2 Latest Edition 2021-22(Session)  BY BB ARORA AND AK SABHARWAL 2021 -22 EDITION, this Modern ABC Plus of Biology textbook comes in a set of 2 volumes. The authors are adept in the field of science and have explained every function and development in the simplest form for the students to grasp the same with ease. It has been published by Modern Publishers and will prove to be a constant companion for students of class 12, who want to gain an in-depth knowledge of this diversity of living organisms.

Modern ABC Biology is a very interesting book that is based on depth learning. It contains NCERT exercise questions along with other questions as well.

Moder ABC Biology is useful for all medical Entrances Examinations e.g AIPMT, NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, etc.

Modern ABC Biology For Class 12 Part 1 &2 Examination 2021-22 PDF
Modern ABC Biology For Class 12 Part 1 &2 Examination 2021-22

Salient Features Of the Textbook:

• It comes with exercises that will let the students self-assess their knowledge base.
• It comes with activities, experiments, and additional exploratory material, which will prove to be beneficial for the students.
• Clearly labeled pictures let the students understand the different phenomenon of biology.
• Students are able to understand the concept of cell structure and its functions.
• The idea of plant physiology and human physiology would help the students in higher studies as well.
• Main features and classifications are described in a way that students find them easy to learn and remember.


MODERN ABC BIOLOGY CLASS 12 PART 1&2 Latest Edition 2021-22






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