PW: JEE Ultimate Crash Course

Physicswallah JEE Ultimate Crash Course For JEE Main & Advanced 2023 Dropper Batch For JEE Main & Advanced Classes Starting from 05th January 2023 on PW app/web Batch Price- ₹1, 799/ JEE Ultimate Batch for students who are aiming for JEE 2023.

Physicswallah JEE Ultimate Crash Course For JEE Main & Advanced 2023 Complete Details
PW JEE Ultimate Crash Course

JEE Ultimate Crash Course 2023 Divided In 3 Stages:

  1. MIC (Most Important Concepts)
  2. MIP (Most Important Problems)
  3. MIA (Mission IIT-Advanced)


JEE Ultimate Crash Course for JEE Main& Advanced Aspirants who are targeting 2nd attempt 2023,Complete JEE Syllabus will be covered in this batch We will complete cover Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, Syllabus will be ended/completed by 15th of March 2023.

  1. All lectures will be provided in recorded form.
  2. Daily Practice Problems (DPP) with their Video Solution in Quiz format and pdf format.
  3. Scheduled test will be held.

Batch Included:

Recorded LecturesDPP SolutionsPDF NotesTests& Solutions
Batch features


  1. Lucky Jethani (Mathematics)
  2. Paras Thakur (Organic Chemistry)
  3. Rahul Dudi (Physical Chemisrty)
  4. Ajay Kr Shah (Inorganic Chemistry)
  5. Akash Rustogi (Physics)


Who should join this batch?

If you are a dropper student or a Class 12th student, aiming for JEE Mains & Advance 2023.Complete Class 11th & 12th PCM will be covered in this batch.

When the Course will be completed?

The course will be completed by 15th March 2023.

Classes will be live or recorded?

There will be Recorded Classes for all subjects.What to do if we miss the scheduled class?You can watch the all previous lecture on the app/web version.Go to the app> select your batch> click on Previous Videos/Classroom content you can see all the topics there> click on your topic you can watch the lectures there.

How to make payment?

You can check the payment procedure video on the Homepage of the PW app.Watch Orientation Class₹ 1799

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